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    Artist : Shimizu Kenya (1976-living) – Japan

    Kenya Shimizu (清水 健也) is a young Japanese artist steeped in the erotic artistic traditions of his country. Born in Fukui Prefecture in Japan, 1976, Kenya devoted himself early on to mastering the techniques of his art studying pen drawings by his self and learning how to paint watercolours working as a background painter for Japanese animation. Although he has never been to art college (he has however a university degree in Russian language, and that’s the reason he signs his works in Cyrillic), since 2000 he has been exhibiting his work at the joint Rainbow Arts Exhibition, held by the LGBTI community in Tokyo every summer.

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    Artist : Shimizu Kenya (1976-living) – Japan Kenya Shimizu (清水 健也) is a young Japanese artist steeped in the erotic...
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